NPDS001 | Burzygóry – “Burzygóry”

Physical Release: 18th June 2020 | Preorder & Digital Release: 28th May 2020

Format: Pro-Cassette, golden, on tape print, in clear case, full color 3-panel j-card, lim. to 50 copies


  1. King’s Honor, Friend
  2. Autumn
  3. Gregorian Rhapsody
  4. Eveninn
  5. Mirkwood
  6. Finale
  7. Silence (Cassette Bonus)

Burzygóry, created by Zannibal (Marrasmieli), delivers sublime, highly melodic and atmospheric Dungeon Synth.
Sometimes dreamy, sometimes melancholic and often epic!

All artwork is made by Zannibal himself.

Music and artwork by Zannibal
Mastering and tape layout by R. Brockman at Naturmacht Studios

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