NP123 | Keys of Orthanc – “Of the Lineage of Kings”

Release: 05.02.21 | Preorder: 08.01.21

CD in 4-Panel DigiPak, with glossy varnish & booklet, first edition 200 copies
CD in A5-DigiPak with glossy varnish + booklet lim. to 100 copies
White 12″ Vinyl LP in 3mm-sleeve with glossy varnish + insert, first edition 300 copies
White Pro Tape in clear case with 6-panel jcard lim. to 100 copies
Black Shirt, fullcolor print, one sided, Gildan Heavy Cotton, first run 100 pieces


  1. Of the Lineage of Kings
  2. Shards of Narcil
  3. Her Mighty Heart
  4. To the Paths of the Dead
  5. The Last Alliance
  6. King of the Reunited Kingdom
  7. I’ve Seen the Dragons Fly

A Last Alliance between the Kingdom of Men and the Kingdom of the Elves will be forged and an Oath was sworn before the all High to face the ever-growing forces of evil.
The sword that was once will be forged again and the prophecy of a coming king will be fulfilled and so shall the rightful king be known.

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