RWE008 | Exgenesis – “Aphotic Veil” EP

Between chaos and cosmos exists Genesis, which becomes matter, but what resides beyond and can only be seen by mystical beings is Exgenesis. Under the Aphotic veil, Noctua gives you the means to see beyond and embark on a journey of cosmic chaos.

Exgenesis is the side project of Jari Lindholm from Enshine together with Alejandro Lotero (Antithesis) founded in 2014. They create a unique combination of Death, Doom and some Black Metal elements.


Release Date: 25.01. 2015

Format: 6-Panel DigiPak lim. to 300

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1. Cloudburst (video)
2. Concrematio
3. Aphotic
4. Futile Horizon
5. Noctua

Total playtime:  27:39

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