Skuggor – “Whispers of Ancient Spells” (NP174)

skuggor whispers of ancient spells cover

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Release: 23.02.24 (23rd February)

CD in high quality 6-Panel DigiPak, first press 300 copies
Cassette, black, with j-card, lim. to 66 copies

1. Whispers of Ancient Spells
2. As Fog Reveals the Path to Dispair
3. Silent Cry of the Forests Embrace
4. Shadows Echoing Through Time
5. A Forgotten Past

With Whispers of Ancient Spells Swedish-based one-man project Skuggor invites listeners to traverse realms of darkness, mist and myth. Guided by the hypnotic melodies that echo through the corridors of ancient forests, each track is a chapter in exploring shadows of the past.

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