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Imber Luminis: New album “Contrasts” coming in July

After a conceptual album about existencialism (“Nausea”), Imber Luminis is back with a brand new album based on Charles Baudelaire’s own magnificent poem “Le Voyage”. Named “Contrasts”, the album...

NP069 | Old Graves – “Long Shadows”

Release Date: 23rd July 2016 Format: 6-Panel DigiPak Tracklist: 1. Sumas 2. Aethernaut I 3. To Die, Or Bear The Burden Of Death 4. Slave To The Boiler That...

NP067 | Depicting Abysm – “Passage”

NP067 | Depicting Abysm – “Passage”

Release Date: 02.04.2016 Format: 6-Panel DigiPak Tracklist: 1. Shelter 2. Shadow 3. Disbelief 4. Gatherin 5. Unity Total playtime: 47:45 Passage by Depicting Abysm

NP062 | Grima – Devotion to Lord

Release Date: 27.11.2015 Format: Classic Jewelcase with 8 pages of Booklet Tracklist: 1. Ancient Will Become 2. The Beginning 3. Open The Gates Will Return The Only Cold 4....