10 Years of Life becoming Art!

Exactly one decade ago I decided to start this label in my small student flat in Bamberg. The label has since then dominated my life and many things around me.

I started with 500 € and no experience how to run a label. But I knew exactly, what I wanted it to be. A honest, idealistic place for musical art and artists, where financial success won’t lead to producing hollow music and where the gain is shared in a fair way, so that all benefit from it.

After a decade this is still the fact and the label is more succesful than I thought it would be. I just knew that if I manage to keep it alive for 10 years, it might pay off. And so it did.

I have made sacrifices and have encountered people I rather would not have wanted to. But it is just a small part of all the greatness this project creates.
All my best friends nowadays are artists signed to NP/RWE. And it’s great to work with so many like-minded humans. Also 99 % of the customers are really great people. So I can not complain at all. I know how shitty it can be in normal jobs.

I feel great gratitude to everybody involved, giving me their art, trust and hard earned money. I try to pay it back every day with all I got.

The deepest thanks to my family and especially to my beloved Ida, without her this label would not exist (she made the first homepage and taught me Photoshop, hehe).

2019 will bring a big change for me and the label which I will announce at another time.

I was planning to have some goodies available today, but because of the many releases and orders I had no time at all. I have an idea for a Naturmacht-Shirt, which I also will announce soon.

Again thanks to all of you! Towards another decade (at least)!


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