NP122 | Grima – “Rotten Garden”

Release: 22.01.21 | Preorder: 01.01.21

CD in 6-Panel DigiPak w. glossy varnish, first edition 500 copies (22.01.21.)
12″ Vinyl, black & orange, in sleeve with insert, first edition 300 copies (05.02.21)
Pro Tape, black with 3-panel jcard, lim. to 100 copies (05.02.21)

  • DEVOTION TO LORD repress (DigiPak-CD, silver Vinyl, Tape)!
  • other albums will be repressed in mid 2021


  1. Cedar and Owls
  2. Mourning Comes at Sunset
  3. At the Foot of the Red Mountains
  4. Old Oak
  5. Rotten Garden
  6. Grom
  7. Devotion to Lord 2020 (Bonus Track)

Grima continues its atmospheric black metal path through the siberian wilderniss hailing Mother Nature and its Allmighty Spirit with their fourth album “Rotten Garden”.

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