Label news: Where will the journey go?

I feel like it is time to make a little update about behind the scenes stuff and some insights that are connected to the label in a broader sense. I also had some people wondering where Naturmacht is/will go genre wise, as I admittedly have wondered myself over the past couple of years. And those years were, let’s say, adventurous indeed.

In the end, there will not be a big change. The overall concept will stay and I am still dedicated to do this label in its current form as long as possible. Even though with mid 30, you have to take other things into consideration as well. So I want to ensure long-time Naturmacht followers, that I will always focus mostly on Black Metal in all its great forms. There will be the occasional other genre release if it fits the overall concept, but as you might have noticed, new bands are kind of all Black Metal.

This is the case for a main reason: It is the music I personally listen to, do myself and know about the most. To filter out the really good stuff out of the tons of music that is out there, you have to know what you are listening to and if you do a label in the way I do, you also need to connect to it. I never released anything just because I thought it might sell. I even turned down quite big offers in the past from big names just because I did not like it and would just have sold it. But that is not why I do this label, then I could also sell toilet paper. It is also where I have the best network and the biggest following. I would need another person that is really deep in the other genre to seriously build something up. So, after some testing around and gaining experience, I feel this is the right time to really focus and continue the chosen path. 

That means:

  1. There will be one main release slot each month, which is first for Black Metal and second for other genres if no Black Metal release needs publishing.
  2. Other genres will be released in the middle of the month, as it was with Frost Clad for example.
  3. Rain Without End Records has kind of already and certainly will cease to exist. But that does not mean that I will end the cooperation with Enshine or Soliloquium for example, if they want to stay. But as I stated before, it is unlikely that new Death/Doom bands will be signed. There are enough Doom labels out there.
  4. On a side note: As you might have seen, this label has and will never jump on any hype/trend/political or inflation trains. You can always trust that I will try to do/calculate everything in a way that it’s fair for all involved. There is enough greed and stupidity in this world, no need to add more to it.

I also want to thank you all for the continued support. 2022 was a big question mark on many things for all of us. Luckily, till now, it’s not as bad as we feared, but still different than before.

As always, I will continue to do my best to bring you music that enrichens this strange experience called life.

Cheers Rob

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