Olde Throne: “In the Land of Ghosts” is out now!

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CD in highquality 6-panel DigiPak, first press of 300
Cassette, white, in clear case w. 4-panel jcard, lim. to 66 copies

Following the debut album “an Gorta Mór” which focused on the great famine in Ireland, Olde Throne return with their sophomore release which steps away from Ireland and takes place in the land of ghosts… Scotland.
“In the Land of Ghosts” is a collection of ghost stories and dark tales from a land bountiful of ghosts and ghouls. From the headless horseman of the House of Dun to the ghost soldiers still fighting in the wooded gorge of Killiecrankie.

The album also includes a bonus track re-recording of the first demo “An Torr” commemorating the massacre of Glencoe in 1692.
“From a bygone world their souls remain”

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