NP054 | FROM HELL – 巫峽 Dynasty

The debut album “巫峽 Dynasty” of From Hell  is a journey to a dark fantasy world full of legends about warfare, devastation, triumphant celebration, loss and death.

The indonesian duo creates a unique atmosphere, carried by its fast but melodic black metal and the more progressive, experimental and sometimes even cinematic elements.



Release Date: 12.12. 2014

Format: 6-Panel DigiPak lim. to 300 copies

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1. 巫峽 Dynasty
2. Ming’s Unicorn
3. The Seventh Riverwizard
4. Empress Ghost (part I)
5. Empress Ghost (part II)
6. Fire in The Waterfall Kingdom (video)
7. Final Triumphant in Gie Rax Gate
8. Tantra

Total playtime: 58:58

Artist Page | Full album video

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