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Ingvarr - "A Dire Prediction" cover

NPDS017 | Ingvarr – “A Dire Prediction”

Order here: Merch:Pro CDr in high quality 4-Panel DigiPak w. glossy varnish, first edition limited to 50 copies Tracklist:1. A Dire Prediction Of The Oracle2. The Return Of The...

Krâel - "Vanitas Vitae" cover

NP169 | Krâel – “Vanitas Vitae”

Order here: Release: 27.10.2023 (27th October) Merch:Pro CDr in high quality 4-Panel DigiPak with booklet, first edition 100 copiesCassette, gold, with on tape print and 6 panel j-card, first...

Nordicwinter - "This Mournful Dawn" cover

NP166 | Nordicwinter – “This Mournful Dawn”

Order here: Release: 25.08.2023 (25th August) Merch:CD, Cassette, Vinyl (black, 2024) Tracklist:1. Enshrouded by Winter2. Death’s Pale Touch3. As Twilight Fades4. Autumn’s Last Mournful Whisper5. My Lament (Instrumental) “This Mournful...